NS Mini Headstock Electronic Guitar Tuner Debuts

NS Design founder Ned Steinberger’s early instrument design innovations manifested with his headless Steinberger guitar, and his work is continuing to bring exciting innovations to the market. His latest is the NS Mini Headstock Tuner, manufactured and sold by D’Addario’s Planet Waves division. Small, lightweight, and visually unobtrusive, it received “Best in Show” recognition at the Summer NAMM international trade show in Nashville, TN.  The Mini Tuner clips discretely to the headstock of a guitar or bass and senses the instrument’s tone through an ultra-responsive piezo pickup.  Ned is currently working on a clamp that will attach it to the body of a violin, ending the struggle many violinists face in attaching guitar tuners to their instruments.

For more information about the NS Mini Headstock Tuner, read D’Addario’s press release.

UPDATE:  Check out D’Addario’s great new video demonstration of the NS Mini Headstock Tuner: