Scenes from NS Design’s European facility

Following the Frankfurt Musikmesse, Ned and I spent several days at the factory near Prague in the Czech Republic. These visits help us maintain close contact with the engineers, artisans, and production staff. NS Design instruments are unique, and uniquely demanding in the way that they are crafted. The team behind the production of our instruments is committed to Europe’s old world tradition of quality, precision, and the world’s finest bowed musical instruments.

Factory manager Petr Vykydal (third from the right), and some of the master craftsmen and other members of the engineering team, along with Ned Steinberger (third from the left) and me (second from the left).

Ned works closely with the engineers and artisans on the fine points to ensure that each instrument is meticulously crafted and faithful to the design. Translating from a sophisticated design to a finished product requires considerable experience, and a complex understanding of the materials and the production process.

Ned and I, along with factory manager Petr Vykydal and members of the production and set-up team. This group is chiefly responsible for the many exacting details involved in the final preparation of each instrument.