Thank You NS Design!

We received a very nice letter from JC Magsalin, a bass player from Manila, who has been playing the CR4M bass and loving its versatility.  We’re always psyched to hear how people appreciate our instruments in all corners of the globe!

Hello there,

My name is Juan Carlo “JC” Magsalin. I’m a session bass player and a member of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra here in the Philippines. I have
recently acquired an NS CR4M Bass just last March. All I can say is THANK
YOU for making this bass. It’s been a real big help with gigs that require
me to play classical, broadway, and jazz music in one night. It’s a very
versatile instrument that i can switch to whatever sound i want for any
style of playing that i do.

Again, Thank you so much 😀 I’ve attached a picture from one of my
performances here in Manila, Philippines 😀


Bass Player

Manila, Philippines

JC Magsalin