Ned Steinberger’s Keynote at Maine Luthiers Association

NS Design’s founder and leading innovator of electric stringed instruments, Ned Steinberger, was the Keynote Speaker in the 2nd Annual Maine Luthiers Exhibition and Music Showcase this past November, at the City Hall Auditorium in Hallowell, Maine.

Speaking candidly about his unique and serendipitous path to instrument design, Ned traced his story from his early days in a Brooklyn, New York in a furniture-making cooperative, to meeting luthier Stuart Spector, and the breakthrough headless bass concepts that followed. He also chatted with the audience about his design aesthetics and the challenges and opportunities that new technology creates for instrument design. He showed samples of his formative designs, experimentation, and prototype concepts.

Watch Ned Steinberger’s full keynote speech here:

The Expo week included The Luthiers’ Craft, a Maine-made stringed instrument exhibition at The Harlow Gallery on Water Street in the downtown. The elaborate installation of instruments both contemporary and traditional design, included a of variety of NS Design’s trademark electric bowed, stringed instruments, the NS RADIUS Bass Guitar and Steinberger’s iconic original headless bass made in the early days of the Steinberger Sound Company.

Example of a working prototype design concept for the body of a guitar.

During the evening’s events, Ned was joined by local bassist and NS Artist Adam Frederick, who demonstrated the NXTa Upright Bass, CR RADIUS Bass Guitar and newly released NXTa RADIUS Bass Guitar. The event also featured a special performance by The Katie Matzell Band, featuring Frederick on bass.

NS Artist Adam Frederick with the Fretless NXT5a RADIUS Bass.

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