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  • Louis Ochoa: Taking Flight


    FROM JAZZ SOLOING TO CLUB GIGS, from backing singer songwriters to soloing with a 100+ piece orchestra and chorus, Louis Ochoa is finding his wings in some exciting and decidedly unique ways.


    Born in the Philippines, Louis A. Ochoa moved to New York in 1998 and embarked on his formal training at the Bass Collective and the Mannes New School for Music, and then completed his studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Read More »

  • Get Serious, Have Fun – The WAV is Back

    The WAV is Back 504x504 v2

    The WAV is back!  NS Design is proud to announce the return of the ever-popular WAV4 (4-string) and WAV5 (5-string) electric violins. Noted for excellent tone, versatility, and playability, the WAV shares core features with the advanced CR and NXT instruments.  This well-priced yet serious instrument is perfect for any player who is ready for plugged-in performance. Read More »


    A bass that can do it all…or at least come close enough for jazz.

    2015 Harmony Central - radius3-2b437b8bBy John McVarish

    I’m making a list

    So what does a demanding bassist require and how much are we (my significant other and I) willing to spend? First off, I’m old school and have never played in a pop band with a 5-string, but I’m ready to take the plunge. I’ve tried many 5-strings in stores and I want one that articulates well in the lows with a bottom B string that is more than a finger rest. For that, a 35” scale is near the top of my wish list. Read More »

  • Meet Wytold

    1-NS Banner with Wytold and Instruments

    If you’ve never seen him, this video is a great example of what NS Design Artist Wytold Lebing is all about.

    2-Wytold Watch Video

    Wytold has excited audiences with his unique artistry at the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Strathmore Performing Arts Center, and a host of other venues. His recent performance with the National Symphony Orchestra was highly acclaimed by the Washington Post, and he’s now featured in an excellent new TEDx talk. Read More »

  • NS Insight: Highs & Lows

    NS Insight: Highs & Lows

    There’s a reason why professional bass players love the big, punchy low end and the glistening highs & harmonics of an NS Bass. Here’s what’s going on:

    Human hearing is naturally strong in the mids (roughly between 1 and 5 kHz, the vocal frequency range), but drops off at higher and lower frequencies. Most instruments, including basses, have a matching problem producing sound: strong in the mids but tapering off at both ends of the sound spectrum where a great deal of important tone content resides. This is usually compensated for with equalization, boosting the highs and lows, suppressing the mids. However, that signal processing comes at a price: loss of quality and clarity.

    Highs and Lows graphic

    How are we different? One of the features of every NS bass is the Polar™ pickup system. Unlike an ordinary pickup, the Polar pickup doesn’t lose sensitivity above or below the midrange. The piezo technology embedded at the base of bridge harnesses the entire range of frequencies your strings produce – with full fidelity, and full force. And your ears can definitely hear the difference.

  • Good Times at Merlefest

    Honoring the memory of Eddy Merle Watson, son of the legendary Doc Watson, Merlefest is a four-day outdoor festival that features the best of old and new in Country, Bluegrass, Americana and Folk music. Music lovers from all over the country flock to the hills of North Carolina to attend this event for four days every spring.

    From our booth near the main stage this year, we loved hearing Scythian get the crowd moving with their danceable blend of roots folk, infused with Eastern-European gypsy fiddling. NS Cellist Larissa Fedoryka kept the groove heavy under these virtuostic exciting band of musicians.

    We also enjoyed seeing many children so excited to try NS’s electric bowed instruments, proving how fun and exciting these instruments are for anyone to play.

  • Scenes from Musikmesse 2015

    NS Design exhibits every year at this international gathering of musical instrument manufacturers and distributors in Frankfurt, Germany. This year, visitors to our booth were excited to try our RADIUS bass guitars, and expressed great enthusiasm for the electric guitar prototypes we had on display.

  • James “Hutch” Hutchinson – Bridging Musical Worlds

    Hutch 2013 1a edit

    Iconic bassist talks to FBPO about his three decades with Bonnie Raitt, plus a whole lot more you may not have known

    By David Sands

    April 8, 2015

    James “Hutch” Hutchinson has been cooking up music with blues-rock legend Bonnie Raitt for over three decades. It’s a relationship the bassist cherishes, but his musical hunger has led him in a lot of other directions too. All over the map, in fact.

    While he’s made some amazing records with Raitt, like the triple Grammy-winning Nick of Time and 2012’s best-selling blues album Slipstream, those albums are just flavorful morsels in the stew of a life richly lived.

    Read the full interview at

  • “Astounding to say the least” – review of CR5 RADIUS Bass Guitar


    “A gorgeous work of art” might be one way to describe the NS Design Radius when you first remove it from the custom-shaped gig bag, especially when coated in the Amber Satin finish of our review instrument. We couldn’t help but be impressed by the workmanship, fit, and finish of our review instrument, the five-string CR5 (a four-string version, the CR-4, is also available). Featuring a flamed maple top mated to a solid maple body, and with a beautiful edge binding between the top and back, the bass has classic beauty, yet the body shape has subtle, modern styling.
    The name Radius is indeed fitting, as everything about this bass is sculpted and curved. The body itself has a soft curvature not only on top, but the rear of the instrument is slightly concave as well (to provide more contact with your body according to NS Design).

    Read the complete review at:

  • Strings Without Boundaries – Summer Sessions

    NS Design Artist, Educator, Violinist and Composer Julie Lyonn Lieberman is proud to announce her popular Strings Without Boundaries sessions for 2015. Pairing educational opportunities for amateur and professional players in a highly exciting and positive environment, exploring traditional and contemporary musical styles for string players. NS Design is excited to have NS Artists Charles Yang (violin), Dr. Gregory Walker (violin) and Lisa Liu (violin) joining Julie at select locations.

    1. JulieStandingNS crop 1a - Copy


    June 22nd     July 27th           August 17th
    Where 21st century technique meets tradition, creativity and style
    Darol Anger (WA), Paul Anastasio (WA), Matt Turner (WA & WI), Lisa Liu (WA), Randy Sabien (WI),Judy Hyman (WI), Gregory Walker (WI), Martin Norgaard (GA), Andy Reiner (GA), Aaron “Von Cello” Minsky (GA), Katherine Irwin Thomas (GA), Bert Ligon (GA), Charles Yang (GA), and Julie Lyonn Lieberman (GA, WI, & WA)…



    Artwork by Christos Karapanos
    Strings Without Boundaries creates a sharing environment for amateur through professional players as well as students and teachers of all ages and backgrounds.
    We focus on string technique and repertoire from American and world traditions, creative musicianship in all styles, and technology-enhanced approaches. In addition, we offer teacher-training and optional clock-hour and Graduate credit.

    Learn more about these exciting sessions at: